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Privacy First

opt out of tracking by default

Transition Quickly

1-1 support sessions included
with every purchase

Ultimate Compatibility

use all of your favorite apps

Fast Delivery

phones ship in 1-3 days

Maintain Anonymity

get apps without signing in
pay with crypto

Stay Secure

enhanced android encryption & permissions


Pixel 5a Degoogled


Fully degoogled for ultimate privacy. This is a well rounded phone with IP67 water resistance rating, dedicated headphone jack, and a fingerprint sensor for easy unlocking.

Works with Verizon, ATT, T-mobile, and any other carrier you can think of!

Degoogled Pixel 5a with GrapheneOS
Degoogled Pixel 6 Pro with GrapheneOS


Pixel 6 Pro Degoogled


The biggest and the baddest, Pixel 6 Pro with GrapheneOS. Featuring a super smooth 120hz display, 12gb of ram, and the best camera setup available. Get the latest and greatest without sacrificing privacy & features.

Degoogled Phone Features

Standard Features

  • Phone Calls & Contacts
  • Camera & Video (Up to 4k)
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery & Editing
  • Calculator
  • Bluetooth
  • Flashlight
  • Clock & Alarm
  • Mobile Hotspot & Tethering
  • Voice Recorder
  • File Manager

All Phones

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my favorite apps work on a degoogled phone?

Yes and no. Nearly every app can run on either GrapheneOS or CalyxOS with the proper setup. A privacy oriented version of Google Play Services can be easily installed on your device if desired while maintaining a higher level of privacy vs a standard android/apple phone. CalyxOS includes this by default, however, its very easy to setup on GraphenOS as well. This can be further enhanced by setting up a second profile/user on the phone. One profile can be fully “degoogled”, and another that’s google enabled for full app compatibility.

Some apps from the standard android app store (Google Play Store) will work without any additional setup. Other apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, certain banking apps, Waze, and more will not work without installing Google Play Services.

Read more here.

What carriers can I use?

All of them! Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT, Ting, US Mobile, etc. Our degoogled phones are compatible with all carriers.
*Some features such as visual voicemail & Internet Calling/VOLTE may not work depending on your carrier.

What operating system do you use?

We primarily offer GrapheneOS for our degoogled phones as it provides the best security & privacy. For older phones, it may make sense to use CalyxOS for speed and update longevity. You may choose which operating system you want during checkout.

Can I Degoogle a phone myself?

Absolutely! Our phone are for people who want a privacy phone that is ready to go out of the box. We offer 1-1 support to answer any questions you have. Each operating system provides resources to degoogle a phone yourself & is freely available online.

How fast will I receive my phone?

We ship phones within 1-3 days after the order is placed. Standard shipping takes around 3 days to arrive at your door.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! You may return your phone within 14 days of receiving it for a complete refund. The phone must be in the condition that it was received. If you find something is wrong with your phone, please contact us immediately.

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